Let's Talk Cat Litter

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.
― Jean Cocteau

Clay Litter

Here at the shop we get a lot of questions about kitty litter. Most commonly people ask for traditional clay litters.


  • Clay litter contains a carcinogen called silica which can cause respiratory issues when inhaled, bad for you and your furry friend
  • Clay litter contains sodium bentonite which expands when it comes in contact with liquid. It can expand to 15 times its volume and forms an insoluble mass, bad for your furry friend when they clean themselves after using the litter box or for your frisky dog who might like to get into the litter box


  • Clumping clay litter doesn't biodegrade, meaning it sits in the landfill essentially forever
  • Clay litter is produced using strip mined clay. This involves scraping away the earth, in many cases literally blasting apart mountains, to reach the clay. This causes permanent damage on the landscape's forests and wildlife. The loosened top soil then washes into streams and pollutes the waterways, damaging fish and plant life, and increases the risk of chemical contamination of ground water.
  • While there are negatives associated with producing non-clay based litters such as corn or paper or wood, the environmental impacts are far less

What kind of litter we suggest instead

  • corn based
  • pine based
  • paper based
  • wood shavings based
  • wheat based

We use World's Best Lavender litter for both of our cats. We transitioned them over to World's Best after using an traditional Arm & Hammer litter. Luckily they accepted the change easily. If your cat is on the picky side, try transitioning very slowly by adding small amounts of the new litter to the old day by day, much like you would when transitioning to a new food. The lavender scent is natural and light, covering odor pretty well. The change over to natural litter will surely be an adjustment for you and your cat, but it's well worth it for your health and for the environment!

Feel free to comment below with any questions. Meow!